Students Honor Veterans with Program, Music
By Catherine Stortz Ripley
November 13, 2014

CAPTION: Veterans and other community members gathered in the gymnasium of Bishop Hogan Memorial School for a veterans appreciation program on Wednesday. The program included a musical tribute.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Bishop Hogan Memorial School students presented their 17th annual Veterans Appreciation Program Wednesday morning at the school followed by a luncheon in recognition and appreciation of military veterans. An estimated 40 veterans attended the program in addition to more than 60 community members. The program began with the posting of Colors by students CJ Pfaff and Logan Potts. Father Kneib offered the opening prayer.

Pam Clingerman, curator of the Grand River Historical Society Museum, was the guest speaker for the program and provided information and displayed photographs of the various military uniforms and related items on display at the local museum. CJ Pfaff and Logan Potts gave a flag folding demonstration as fellow classmates explained the meaning behind each fold. The program also included a video honoring veterans and featuring photographs of veterans who are friends and family members of the school and student body. Uniforms on display at the museum include ones from the Civil War, Missouri Militia, World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. The Civil War uniform belonged to Capt. Enoch Rinehart, grandfather of Kenneth Rinehart. (There are no direct descendants remaining in Chillicothe). The Missouri Militia Uniform belonged to major Charles W. Grace, of Chillicothe. The Chillicothe unit (Company H) was also known as the 4th Leach Rifles and was a provisional company of the 4th Regiment Missouri Infantry. The World War I doughboy uniform was worn by Harry Kolbohn. He was a master sergeant with the 163rd Depot Brigade. The World War I Cavalry uniform owned by Ralph Blacketer. He was a 2nd lieutenant with the Second Dragoons for the Second Cavalry, which was the last mounted horse cavalry to see action during warfare. Also shown were photographs of the museumís Navy Air Corps pilot uniforms from two donors: Butch Olenhouse and Terry Brown; a flight jacket donated by Pat O'Donnell, an Army Air Corps flight helmet donated by John Rensch; a SeeBee (Navy) uniform and face mask worn by Clarence Tye; a Women Army Corps (WAC) uniform worn by Patty Cooper; a Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVE) uniform worn by Kay Somerville (Navy). Other uniforms on display included a paratrooper's dress uniform worn by Stanley Lyle Thomas, who served with the 13th Airborne in Germany, a Marine uniform worn by Darrell E. Miller, of the U.S. Marine Corps; an Eisenhower dress uniform worn by Howard Marshall (Korean Conflict), a Navy Boatswain uniform worn by Howard F. Brown; a helmet worn by Gene Carlton (Army, Korean Conflict); and a dress Marine uniform worn by Bob Phillips (Korean Conflict). The museum also has on display a Vietnam-era flight suit (commonly referred to as a party suit) worn by Joe Earl, Air Force. This suit was made from non-regulation fabric (maroon instead of olive drab). Clingerman also showed a picture of an Air Force Cammo uniform, worn by Chris Halverson, that was discontinued after six months because it had too many pockets and was uncomfortable. She also displayed a picture of a Desert Storm uniform worn by Bud Hinnen.

The program concluded with the singing of several songs, under the direction of music teacher Mary Garr, by first the Eagles Wings (an after school choir club offered for students in grades 3-8), followed by all students in grades 3-8, and students in grades kindergarten through second.

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