Film Crew Visits Chillicothe for 'Mysteries at the Museum' Episode
October 5, 2016
C-T Catherine Stortz Ripley

A film crew was in Chillicothe Sunday, spending most of the day at the Grand River Historical Society Museum, filming for an episode of Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum" that is scheduled to air in April 2017. The focus of the episode features the bread slicer that is on loan from the Smithsonian Institution and its inventor, Otto Rohwedder, who put his first bread-slicing machine into operation at Frank Bench's Chillicothe Bakery in 1928.

"Mysteries at the Museum" is hosted by Don Wildman, who visits America's museums where "strange and curious remnants of the past are revealed," according to the show's website.

Local museum Curator Pam Clingerman said that plans for doing a segment have been in the works for some time.
"They first contacted me a year ago," Clingerman said. Then, two weeks ago, the company reconnected with Clingerman inquiring about coming on October 2. Nick Fraccaro, of Optomen Productions and producer for the Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Museum" was in town with other film crew members. During their visit, they also took footage of other displays in the museum as well as features of Chillicothe, including the Sliced Bread mural. "I'm tickled to death that we are going to be on national TV," Clingerman said.

C-T Catherine Stortz Ripley

CAPTION: A cameraman takes footage of the bread-slicing machine that is on loan from the Smithsonian Institution.

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