Old CHS Demolition

Old CHS Demolition Under Way
Published: Friday, May 29, 2009

CAPTION: Just about the time the first day of summer school classes let out, four portions of the Chillicothe R-2 School District's "learning cottage" were hauled into town and carried west down Polk Street, which was blocked off by Chillicothe police. District officials say the remaining six portions of the modular structure are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday or Thursday. When assembled, the structure will measure 160-by-60 feet and will house office and storage space as well as classrooms which will be needed in August after the old high school is demolished.

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

Demolition is well underway at the old Chillicothe High School on Calhoun Street and four of 10 portions of a "learning cottage" have arrived in town to give the district needed classroom, office and storage space this fall, once the historic building is demolished.

According to Dr. Linda Gray Smith, R-2 superintendent, Red Rock CDT, of Hamilton, Mo., which purchased the three story structure for $195,000 last fall, is currently conducting asbestos abatement with the appropriate permits from the Department of Natural Resources. Additional items, such as the wood work and metal have been removed to ensure the fill is clean that will be removed, Smith said. "While everyone is saddened that the facility will be removed, the timing of the demolition is such that the education of the 400 middle school students who will return in August will be disrupted as little as possible. In addition, the safety of the students when they return is critical," Smith said.

The board of education has considered the razing over a period of months. In May 2008, the district received reports from two structural engineering firms, which showed that extensive renovations would have been required to return all portions of the building to use for the students. Smith also noted that building codes have changed since the facility was originally built 85 years ago.

She added that plans are forming to replace the facility with partnered facility including a senior center, an early childhood center, and middle school classroom space. In the meantime, however, middle school students and staff will be utilizing a "learning cottage," measuring 160-by-60 feet - four portions of which arrived in town Thursday afternoon.

The Chillicothe R-2 school board approved a three-year lease with Jim's Mobile Offices, or Marion, Ill., for the large mobile building. The lease will total $44,000 a year and comes with a $14,000 set-up fee. Delivery of the structure comes at no cost, but the district is responsible for the necessary ground and utility work prior to the placement of the structure at a cost of about $15,000. When assembled, the "learning cottage" will be located north of the existing Chillicothe Middle School building, just east of the practice field.

CAPTION: The ticket booth in the old high school has been given to the Grand River Historical Society.

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

Removing History
Published: Friday, May 22, 2009, C-T

CAPTION: The 1924 Chillicothe High School building on Calhoun Street is being emptied in preparation for demolition. Despite 11th-hour efforts which came to the school district headquarters today in the form of a proposal to save the historic building, demolition is slated to go on as planned, beginning Tuesday, May 26.

What's Next at CMS?
Published: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 by Laura Schuler, C-T

CAPTION: The old Chillicothe High School at 1529 Calhoun will be demolished during the summer of 2009 after the R-2 board approved the 84-year-old building's sale and subsequent demolition to Red Rock CDT, Inc., of Hamilton, Mo., for $195,000. The work will begin once school lets out for the 2008-09 school year and is slated to be finished before classes resume in August 2009.

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

Now that the Chillicothe R-2 school board has approved the demolition of the old portion of the middle school (formerly the district high school), administrators are now focusing on what should be done to come up with needed space for the five rooms currently being used on the historic building's first floor.

The school board last month approved a bid by Red Rock CDT, Inc., of Hamilton, Mo., to purchase and demolish the building for $195,000. Work will begin as soon as school is dismissed for the 2008-09 school year in May and will be completed before school resumes that August.

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