Missouri Day
10 16 13 by Catherine Stortz Ripley

Farming implements from long ago generate interest among fourth-grade students touring the Grand River Historical Society Museum on Wednesday, October 16. All of Central Schools fourth-grade classes visited the museum as well as the Livingston County Library as part of Missouri Day. The students were also to meet with Missouri Sen. David Pearce and Rep. Mike Lair in the afternoon.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Altogether, there were six classes with approximately 150 students attending. Ms. Pam Clingerman, museum curator, Marvin Holcer, museum president, and Mrs. Joan Holcer conducted the tour. Students were split into three groups - each group touring one of the three "halls" of the Museum. They were then rotated until all three halls had been toured. There were lots of "nice comments" posted on the Museum's chalkboard wall by the 4th graders before they left.

Photos / Pam Clingerman, Museum Curator

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