Military Exhibit Opens
By Catherine Stortz Ripley, C-T

CAPTION: Howard Marshall, a veteran of the Korean War, snips the ribbon signaling the opening of a new military exhibit at the museum. He is assisted by museum curator Pam Clingerman.

Photo Catherine Stortz Ripley

Uniforms from seven different wars are on display in a new military exhibit at Grand River Historical Society Museum. Veterans and other members of the public were on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening of the exhibit on Veterans Day. Most of the uniforms had been displayed at the museum but are now behind glass in specially-designed display cases so that they can be better preserved and that information about the uniforms as well as those who wore the uniforms can be more easily displayed along with appropriate accessories. The new cases hold twice as much information and museum Curator Pam Clingerman has been working on filling them with the correct accoutrements, with assistance from local veterans Ed Allender and Joe Carter. The museum had five cases and now there are 11. "Each case will feature a different conflict or war, with information about the uniform, the person who served, and whatever I can find in the collection to help tell the story and make it 'real', especially for the younger generation," Clingerman said. The display cases were made possible through a grant that was matched with bequest funds provided through the John Irvin Estate, Clingerman said. The military uniforms on display are those from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm and the Spanish-American War. "This has been a long-term project ever since I came to the museum... to get new cases for the military display," Clingerman said during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Clingerman said she welcomes any input from individuals who can help tell the story by providing information about the military uniforms.

Museum Awarded Grant for Military Uniform Display
October 6, 2016

The Grand River Historical Society has been awarded grant funds to help buy display cases for its military uniforms. The grant was awarded through the Missouri Humanities Council. Museum Curator Pam Clingerman did not disclose the grant amount but stated that this was the second and largest grant the museum had received from the council and that it will be matched with bequest funds provided through the John Irvin Estate.

Clingerman said that she has already started putting together uniform displays. The grant will provide 10 cases that will display two uniforms each. These, along with the museum's existing case, will allow for the display of 23 uniforms. Clingerman stated that the military uniforms to be on display will be those from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm and, possibly, the Spanish-American War.

"We are hoping to get it together by Veterans Day," she said.

The previous grants the museum received were for the "Point in Time" exhibit which displays Native American history and a grant for the museum to develop cell phone tour capabilities.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

CAPTION: Military uniforms, now displayed openly at Grand River Historical Society Museum, will soon be enclosed in display cases. The museum was awarded a grant this week and, through matching funds from the John Irvin Estate, is purchasing 10 new display cases.

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