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Our museum curator, Pam Clingerman, works with Ms. Vinson's 4th and 5th grade classes each school year.

Thank you so much for coming to the Museum. I enjoyed having you visit very much and hope you finish out the school year safely and have an amazing Summer. A very special THANK YOU for the word search, I LOVE IT. -- Pam

April, 2017
The Classroom Dig
December, 2016
The students made reindeer Christmas tree ornament from clothespins. They also learned about reindeer.
November, 2016

The flag was for Veterans day and was on display at the museum for the opening of our new military exhibit. In one photo is our Museum Director, Pam, with one of the class members after they had read their bio for the Veteran's day project.
Ms. Luetticke's class rode in the Chillicothe Christmas Parade in November on the Churchill Truck Lines' Red Rover.

 October, 2016

The "green paper" the kids are holding up are actually pictures of tigers they made using marbles instead of paint brushes showing how tigers use their stripes as camo. They also watched a video of tigers I shot in India.
The class also made fossils in October and also "dug" for coprolites in chocolate chip cookies. 

Classroom Dig Photos - May 12, 2016

March 2016 - Ancient Egypt - students made "Cartouches".
Using the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet, the students spelled out their names for door hangers.
They also made pyramids - or in geometry circles - tetrahedrons.

Here are the PIE pics for February, 2016 - Chinese New Year. The class made Dragon kites.

Here are our January 2016 pictures of our project using Pringles' telescopes.
The Pringles' cans were donated by Hy-Vee.

Projects during the Fall of 2015 included making fossils and "digging" for coprolite fossils in a chocolate chip cookies. They also made Thanksgiving cards for veterans (family members) and gave them out at Thanksgiving.

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