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Our museum curator, Pam Clingerman, worked with Ms. Vinson's 4th and 5th grade classes for the 2011-2012 school year. Seven (7) projects included:

October - Scary Stories. The class had just started a new writing period. The challenge was to write a scary story to share with the rest of the class. Pam made a camp fire out of tissue paper, twigs and twinkle lights. The classroom lights were turned off and the class sat around the "campfire" reading their stories. Then, the class "bobbed" for chocolate-covered donuts.

November - Veterans Flag. In honor of Veteran's Day the class was asked "What is a Veteran?" The reply was "An old man who served in the War". The assignment was to find a veteran in their family or find a veteran on-line and research them. Then copy a picture and write a short biography of their chosen veteran. The class as a whole made a flag of the United States out of construction paper. Each star on the flag was given a picture of a veteran and the biography of that person was placed on one of the white stripes of the flag. The class learned that veterans come from all age groups, both male and female and are people who have served their country in times of peace and war.

December - Christmas Tree Decorations. All the 4th and 5th grade students made Christmas tree decorations as an art project. The decorations were brought to the museum, and a Christmas tree was set up in the first exhibit hall. All the decorations were hung on the tree and a popcorn, cranberry garland was added. The tree was on display for one month. The 5th grade class came to the museum for a field trip. They completed another Christmas tree decoration - a foam dove - which they decorated with markers and glitter and hung on the tree. They then toured the museum.

January - Chinese New Year - the Year of the Dragon. The class made Chinese Dragon Kites. They also learned about Chinese culture and ate fortune cookies donated by a local restaurant.

February - Tetrahedrons. The class had started on geometry. Tetrahedrons are three-sided pyramids brought the next subject of Ancient Egypt. The class made tetrahedrons out of small envelopes and then using the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet wrote their "Egyptian" names inside cartouches.

March - Planets. The night sky was amazing as Venus and Jupiter were visible to the naked eye. The project for this month was to make a "telescope" out of a Pringles' can. Star constellations were made out of circles of black construction paper which fit into the plastic lid of the Pringles' can. Constellation patterns were made in the construction paper using the end of a very sharp pencil. The eye-piece was a hole punched into the metal end of the Pringles' can. When the "telescope" was held up to a light the star constellations showed up as dots of light - almost like looking at the stars on a clear night.

April - Dinosaur Fossils. The last month before school vacation and the class was allowed to pick their own project - Dinosaurs. The project was to make "pretend" fossil dinosaurs using a piece of slate and strings of glue. To make the dinosaur fossils, glue strings were cut out and arranged on the slate to look like dinosaur skeletons. The skeletons were then glued onto the slate and antiqued with brown paint. The class also went on a fossil "dig" using chocolate chip cookies, using a toothpick to "dig" out all the chocolate chip fossils.

After completing the dinosaur project, the class presented the museum and Pam with a black and white photograph with the children dressed in vintage clothing - historically correct. They had also made a 2'x4' thank you letter which all members of the class signed; and a group picture (below) was taken.

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