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George W. Somerville organized the first Grand River Historical Society meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 1954. Meetings were held on the second floor of the Livingston County Library beginning on February 15, 1955. Mr. Somerville served 11 years as president. Mrs. Minnie Hedrick was Vice President and Miss Roberta Perrine served as Secretary-Treasurer.

Charter Members: George Somerville, Mrs. Ira Hedrick, Miss Roberta Perrine, Howard Rion, Joseph Stewart, Miss Kate Johnson, Miss Mabel Cranmer, Mrs. Alice Kesler, Mrs. Elsie Somerville, Mrs. John Elliott, Mrs. Lillian Meinershagen, Julius Meinershagen, Mrs. Harriett Casebeer, Harry Cole, Bill Cole, Kirk Marshall, Leo Hopper, William Stillwell.

By-laws were adopted in January of 1970 under the 4th president, Howard Leech.

Co-curators were Jane Stark and Dr. John R. Neal.

The original Museum building was a gift from Mr. Murray Windle and Mrs. Pat Webber (daughter). The building was located in what was then known as  Veteransville and served as the garage for the Chillicothe Business College campus. The building was remodeled in 78-79 and was dedicated on September 23, 1979. The first full summer of operation was in 1980.

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